Benjamin Grinstein: Physics Geneology

(Research courtesy of H. Georgi)

  • Benjamin Grinstein, PhD from Harvard in 1984
  • Advisor: Howard Georgi, PhD from Yale in 1971
  • Advisor: Charles M. Sommerfield, PhD from Harvard in 1957
  • Advisor: Julian Seymour Schwinger, PhD from Columbia in 1939
  • Advisor: Isidor Isaac Rabi, PhD from Columbia in 1927
  • Advisor: Albert Potter Wills, PhD from Clark University in 1897
    (not terribly famous - did some translations of Einstein)
  • Advisor: Arthur Gordon Webster, PhD from University of Berlin, 1890
    (prolific advisor - one of the chief architects of the APS)
  • Advisor: Hermann von Helmholtz
    Graduated from the Medical Institute in Berlin in 1843, having studied mathematics on his own, so Physics geneology ends there.